Good Lighthouse is the dream of a pure heart, the dream of anyone who would choose to make the world a better place. That is not saying every part of Good Lighthouse will be the dream of every person involved with the organization. Take the time to understand the organizational structure of Good Lighthouse and understand the goals of the community. If lost one will find themselves, Good Lighthouse is a light to the heart, a light to a path, and a light to the world.


To connect all the good within the world, and to connect like minded individuals to each other with the intention of making the world a better place.

We also wish to create a place where people can explore their beliefs more deeply in the realm of interfaith as well as non-faith. A place people can discover themselves and new points of view.


Good words are just that WORDS. Words do nothing if there is not a plan of action. Good Lighthouse will support the greats ideas of its community and the members will democratically decide which ideas are supported financially.

Each individual member will have power over the contributions they make. Once a contribution is made it cannot be withdrawn but the giver does not lose control over that contribution.


This community is built on the ideas of connecting like people together in order to grow deep relationships with one another. Relationships which help facilitate great actions within the world.

Good Lighthouse will also facilitate and create a platform on which the community can help each other and the world. We will start small but grow as more people come together.


What do you believe? Why do you believe it? These are fundamental questions we must ask ourselves in order to know who we are. 

I pose this idea to you now, you already are who you are, you must find the ideas which make up who you are so you can understand who that person is. The better anyone understands who they are the better a person they will be.

Only through exposing yourself to new ideas can you find yourself. Find people like you, not like you, kind of like you, learn from and teach them.