What is a Guide?

A guide is someone with knowledge and expertise in a specific area of worldview. It could be scholarly knowledge, knowledge relating to a specific worldview, historical knowledge in a religious tradition. A guide's job is not to convert anyone to a specific belief system or way of thought but only to help people understand the ideas or positions of a particular worldview.

What is a Leader?

A Good Lighthouse Leader is someone who makes it their personal goal to help the Good Lighthouse community reach their goals. They are a facilitator of action and knowledge, promoting action as well as guiding community members to the knowledge they  seek. A leader must be open to all community members and must not condemn any specific worldview.


With this structure of guides and leaders we intend to stimulate ideas and action within the community.

Guides will be people who have the responsibility to share with others what they know in their area of knowledge.

Leaders will share their knowledge but their real job is to facilitate community action. Leaders should help the community accomplish the ideas which are most important to the community and themselves.


Guides and Leaders are not sanctioned to delineate or profess absolute truth even if they believe in a specific path. These people are facilitators not authoritative teachers, they can share the ideas they believe in but should not present them as absolute truth.


One of the ideals of Good Lighthouse: it is ok to make an argument for a specific worldview but one should not present any worldview as the only path to life for everyone even if that worldview is the one they live by.


Leaders have great responsibility in Good Lighthouse, they must be open to other points of view while standing for the ideals of Good Lighthouse. These ideals are in relation to how we build a great diverse and connected community while preventing hate, discrimination, and condemnation.​

Leaders at minimum must have an understanding of major worldviews. They must hold certain ideals of tolerance and cannot profess a single path to truth for everyone even if they believe in one for themselves.

- A Leader is someone who has an understanding of many worldviews, they also understand why people who profess a specific worldview hold that worldview. They have factual knowledge in the area of many worldviews, in other words they can make arguments in support of or against many worldviews. A leader is someone who holds the belief that worldview diversity is part of the beauty of the world. They have the ideal that we should all seek out truth personally and be open to new ideas or worldviews. They have made it a life goal to seek truth and learn about alternative worldviews as well as be open to new worldviews. They also have a deep understanding of their own worldview and can describe its simplicity or complexity. They do not condemn any worldview but only state the ways they disagree with a worldview or parts of it. Lastly, a leaders worldview compels them to action in the world.

Ask Yourself, Community Member, Guide, or Leader?

- A Community Member is someone who does not have a solid worldview understanding. They do not know why they believe what they do believe, if they believe anything at all. If you want to determine if this is describing you, think of a belief you have, if the reason you believe something is due to someone else telling you it is true, this is probably you. Another factor is not having solid facts to support a specific belief. That is not to put down this person, only to say they have not spent a lot of time delving into different worldviews and understanding what they believe. This person may also not be open to other worldviews.

- A Guide is someone who does not have a solid worldview understanding of multiple worldviews but does understand their own. They have factual knowledge in the area of their belief and do not need to attribute their belief to someone who shared it with them, in other words they can make their own arguments for their worldview. There is one caveat, a guide is also someone who is open to other peoples worldviews, they need not accept them but they must not dismiss them as absolutely false. However, it is ok to make an argument against a worldview.

What does it mean to be Sanctioned?

Anyone is permitted to use the services Good Lighthouse provides to spread their ideas. However, getting sanctioned in one of the areas below is the way Good Lighthouse says a person holds the ideals of the organization. These people have proven they are open minded and tolerant of people different than themselves. They have also proven they do not believe in the condemnation of others for not following the path they believe is right. These people all start out as guides as specified above and have the option of working their way to Leader or Interfaith Minister. 

Sanctioned Guide

A sanctioned guide is someone who currently functions as a guide but it has been verified that this person shares the ideals of Good Lighthouse.

Sanctioned guides may also be working toward another sanctioned position within Good Lighthouse. Once the requirements of the higher position are completed, the sanctioned guide is promoted to a sanctioned leader or sanctioned interfaith minister.

Interfaith Minister

A sanctioned interfaith minister is someone who currently functions as a interfaith minister but it has been verified that this person shares the ideals of Good Lighthouse.

Sanctioned interfaith ministers have chosen to devote their life to learning and helping others learn about worldview. They have also made it a personal goal to attend to the spiritual needs of people. This position requires a certain amount of continuing education and community service every year.

Sanctioned Leader

A sanctioned leader is someone who currently functions as a leader but it has been verified that this person shares the ideals of Good Lighthouse.

Sanctioned leaders are directly connected with a specific goal Good Lighthouse is trying to achieve. These goals are put forward and supported by any community member or members. They have made it their goal to help a portion of the community accomplish the goals they have.