It is simple to be a part of our community, if you believe in making the world a better place you are already part of our community. To become a member we will have online seminars about how we will organize to change the world. These seminars will explain to you the plan and ideas of Good Lighthouse and how we will influence the world. There is a core set of ideals, not a core set of beliefs. We do not affirm one religious tradition over another or even a religious tradition at all. We are an all inclusive community which welcomes anyone who wants to make the world better. This community will have leaders who are interfaith at heart, leaders who may have their own faithful tradition or no faith tradition but are open to others beliefs and practices.

Interfaith Services

Good Lighthouse has leaders who are interfaith ministers which allows us to offer marriage ceremony services and other ministerial services. The ministers who perform these services are skilled in building a custom ceremony based on the Bride and Grooms belief or nonbelief. Ministers who are designated as interfaith ministers through Good Lighthouse are required to be open-minded to the beliefs or non-beliefs of others.


The Lighthouse Connection Platform


The Lighthouse is our in house connection platform which allows the Good Lighthouse community to connect with one another and get to know each other. This platform is able to host from 2 to 300 people at one time. It will allow us to connect in a new way and find the people who are similar minded to ourselves. It will allow us to grow, share ideas, create plans of action, and so much more. The content we create can then be shared all over the web so we can truly shine out into the world.

Worldview Definition

One of the goals of Good Lighthouse is to help every community member find themselves in helping them figure out how to define who they are. This is important so we can connect similar people together. Some community members may choose to be undefined which is perfectly acceptable. However, those members who choose to seek and understand who they are; then, what they believe, will find it easier to connect with people like them.

Connect with a Leader

There is always an interfaith minister available at the contact number below.

Good Lighthouse is also looking for interfaith leaders to volunteer for the leadership team.

We are in the process of building a platform for online services, we expect to hold our first online service around February 19, 2017.