You Are Special

Your Experience is Important!

At Good Lighthouse we hold the ideal that everyone's experiences are valid. We think it is important to understand and acknowledge the experiences of all people. No one knows your life or worldview better than you do, share it with us. We intend to build a database of experiences and worldviews so our members can search for each other and so we can know our community better. We do not profess that all worldviews are 100% true but their existence makes them 100% valid.



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If you share the vision above we need your help. Get involved in our community to make this idea a reality. If you have skills to make this possible and are willing to donate your time,




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Become a Guide

Do you feel you have something special to offer our community? A special knowledge or understanding relating to worldview. If so you might be the right person to become a community thought guide.

Become a Leader

Do you feel a personal responsibility to make the world a better place? Maybe you have a idea which you believe will accomplish that task. Possibly you are a natural born leader who is good at guiding people to get things done.