Zachary J. Scurnopoli

Minister of Compassion

As a minister my goal is to help people foster love among themselves. My worldview is one that consists of a belief that everyone's experiences are valuable. I believe people should follow their own path in life, lifestyle, and God, if they believe in a God. My goal as a minister is to help people find their unique path; I endeavor to help them see their great value. 



Tel. 412-897-8121



I am a Good Lighthouse Sanctioned Minister. A sanctioned minister is uniquely qualified as an open minded worldview guide. Every sanctioned minister defines the services they provide. Good Lighthouse allows it's sanctioned ministers to define their experience and qualifications. However, when a minister joins Good Lighthouse and is approved to be sanctioned the minister agrees to continuing education.



I have spent 15 years expanding my knowledge in the areas of world religions and worldviews. I have a unique journey of faith which started when I was very young. I was severely abused as a child, this led me to seek the divine at a young age. I have one goal in this world, to contribute all I can to make the world better.

Outside of being an interfaith minister, I am a freelance web design and developer. I am highly skilled in graphic design and work with the leading commercial software. Lastly, I have a background in software development as well as cloud application development.


I facilitate the creation of custom wedding ceremonies based on the Bride and Grooms beliefs. I have extensive knowledge of wedding ceremonies and wedding traditions. I am an interfaith minister so I perform blended ceremonies joyfully. Create your dream ceremony with me.

Are you having a destination wedding? Do you want to have a theme wedding? Are you looking for inspiration? I want to make your dream wedding come true.  Contact me to learn more.

Custom Wedding Ceremonies

1942 - 2017

"I had a great dad, he always took great care of us. We always had everything we needed. He taught me the art of a handshake and that it is ok to tell another man you love him. I love you, Dad."

In Memory of Joseph W. Cochran

Joe in the words of his Son,